Valve Extensions

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2 of these little wonders will keep you from swearing at your deep aero wheels! 

Simple.  You start with a tire or tube that has a removeable valve core.  Take it out, and put a dab of grease or teflon tape on the valve's threaded section, and screw the Samspon extender on.  Take the value core, put into the top of the extender, snug them both up, and presto (or more accurately, Presta! )  you can pump up and deflate your tires as easy as any standard wheel.    After all, nothing is worse than watching a grown man yell at his bike becuase his tires won't inflate.   Ok, we lied. There are worse things.   But you can eliminate being one of those guys for just a few bucks.    Works on tubular tires with removeable cores. 

Available in 50, 60, or 70 mm extension length.  Make sure to check out our modestly priced tubes with long extensions too-espcially if you roll with 808, 909 or similar.   These also will often enable your use of lower cost standard valve length tubes!   Need some tubes with a removeable core?   We have some good ones in the wheel and tire section.