The Sampson TT1 brake levers bring a lot of features to your riding!

Want top performance and great comfort with your tt bike?  The TT1 brake levers start with ergonomic right and left hand specific brake levers.  You hands will love the wider shape.  The top cap has a great shape as well, and a smooth feel.  This lets you have excellent hand support and grab for those big out the saddle efforts.   The top cap rotates up, like the cab on a semi, for easy brake cable and lever insertion.  The top cap is also made to pivot on a bolt which can be adjusted, so your levers don't drive you crazy with little rattles on a 5 hour ride!   This lever is best for use with standard style side pull brakes, and fits most TT bars.  When you want to be the strong silent type, the TT1 lever is ready to go!

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