Your TT bike's poor braking might not even be your brakes-- it could be your brake levers! 

With aero everthing on most new bikes such as hidden cables, modified U brakes to tuck behind the bb, or brakes that integrate the fork blades, brake performance has seen a decline on most bikes versus the standard brake styles and routings.

The new Sampson TT Aero lever could put that smile back on your face next time you reach a turn around- or have a truck turning in front of you!   We designed our aero-shaped TT Aero levers to have a longer cable pull than our TT1 lever, perfect for the new generation of tt bikes.   The new styels of hidden TT brakes with a modified U or center pull style simply respond better with more cable pull, so we moved our cable pull to start from the very front of the lever.  This not only gives you instant brake response, as there is no internal cam, but our travel is longer than most levers as well. 

Next, becsue TT bikes are almost all interally routed,  and the rear brakes are frequently coated in a concction of Gatoraid, mud and some type of petrified chain lube, we put in a snappy return spring to hep your brakes return to their open position.  Even if you are the type who washes your bike all the time, the return spring also keeps your levers from rattling and buzzing on rough and chip seal roads-something we all can appreciate.   

The hard part was to make the levers really tough, while keeping them light!   In the name of aero, we have seen a lot of pencil thin carbon brake levers that just can't take any impact, and are so small they just don't feel good in your hand. Our  sleek,  aero-shaped TT 2 levers made of cold-forged aluminum for maximum toughness.  After all, if you have trained for an event for years,  the last thing you want to risk is loosing your braking to a little fall or your bike getting knocked over in the transition zone!  The TT2  arms are high polished to a mirror finish, and grey anodized to look good with about any bike!    Our carbon -composite base that mounts into the bar reduces weight and gives you a a solid feel, with just enough rise to make it easy to grab for climbing.   All in, this tough little lever is just 61 grams each, which is still impressively light.

Improved brake response, aero shaping, cold-forged toughness and light too!  Plus, we ship them to you free in the USA! 





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