Cold forged arms pivoting on steel posts deliver exceptional modulation and  power coming down the mountain.  Going up the climb, you will appreciate their exotic level 241 g/ pr.  weight too ! 

While they are super-light at just 241 grams for the pair with holders and pads,  the Stratics dual-pivot design delivers a menu of top features that makes them great everyday, not just race days!   The caliper arms are cold-forged for strength and durability.  The center post?  Steel thank you, along with all the  cable clamping parts!    Sure, we could shave another handful of grams by using titanium, but the cost/benefit ratio is crazy. 

To get the weight way down, our SL brake arms  have a clam-shell design.  Like a clam shell, it is mostly hollow in the center, and  keeps the width for torsional support, and the cold-forging means exceptional strength to weight.  The CNC milling machine is used next, to remove the extra material out of the back links.   Looking at the pictures, you might be asking yourself   "are those real carbon pad holders?"    Yes!   The full carbon holders are very stiff, and light!  Along with the carbon holders are alloy Torx style bolts that secure the pad and washers for spacing and alignment.   Here we selected the Torx drive pattern for added durability as the bolds are alloy.  

Full-featured means these brakes are easy to live with every day!  The SL brakes feature levered wheel openers that are  fully indexed, so you can partially open your brake if you put a wobble into your wheel.  The cable tensioiners are big, easy to turn adjusters that let you dial in your perfect feel  The Stratics calipers are  polished to a high gleam,  and then we red anodize them to give them and your bike a very pro appearance!   As a final touch, we ship the Stratics SL with a set of pads for carbon wheels installed, and also a set of grey pads for use with alloy rims.    Please note that if you are using carbon wheels, some brands require the use of their pads.  The Sampson brakes will use any standard Shimano compatible brake pad.    Your SL brakes come with a set of composite pads and we also include a set of standard grey pads for alloy rims.   



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