The Stratics ISIS bottom bracket is smooth, light and seems to last forever!  

With 3 bearings, external ring seals, and a full carbon outer shell, the Sampson Stratics Ti bb  runs smoothly, year after year!  

Made with a precision machined 6/4 ti spindle,  the Stratics bb is light and stiff.  The unit is silky smooth thanks to two drive side and one non-drive side bearing.  The carbon shell protects the bearings from rain and spray that come in from the seat tube and head tube, or if you have a cut out on the bb shell, you need the extra protection from the elements. 

The Stratics Isis is made in a 68 ( English bb)  x 108 size, which is the standard Isis width for road cranks.    If you still use the ISIS style cranks, this is a great upgrade as it lets you improve performance while almost eliminating bb service from your schedule!   

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