Light and stiff!  Thanks 3D forging ! 

The Stratics stem weighs just 126 grams in the 100 mm size.  This is certainly in the weight class of stems costing 2 or 3 times as much as the Stratics! 

The CF is shorthand  for cold-forged, a process where the alloy is pounded into shape, and then finished by machine.   This process has been used for years to produce top of the market cranks and brakes, and now stems !   By alingning the grain of the alloy, a structure emerges that offers greater yeild strength and fatigue resistance, which sounds like a great stem application to us!  

When the Stratics stem comes out of the forging tool it is definitely a  little rough looking!  So, we give it a little machine finishing, then it gets  hand polished,  and then into the vat for the glossy  black anodized color.    Our 2 way logo looks great no matter which direction you flip the 8 degrees -up or down.    Availalbe in 80 through 130 stem lengths, in a 31.8 bar diameter.     

Ships free in USA! 


NOTE:  6 NM maximum torque on all Stratics CF bolts, however please follow all specs for the handlebar and fork steerer torque specifications.




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