WHY 35?  Power, amazing control, and our new 35 carbon bar makes it rock!

The Stratics 35 Stem is everything you want.  Light, and amazingly stiff!    Just as  you obtain frame power by increasing tube diameters,  putting a bigger diameter extension on the stem helps eliminate twisting from the bars.  And you care about this becuase?  Becuase if you ride hills, do sprints,  or descend , you will enjoy the benefit that less flex provides!  You simply get a few more watts from your pulls on the bars in sprints and climbs, and if you have the T-Rex arms of most cyclists, those are not watts you want to give away!  Steering response is heightened requiring less input. 

The 35 stem starts out as a block of aluminum alloy, that is machined down to a precise wall thickness, and minimal weight!  No welds are required with this style of production, which is always a bonus, as is the super smooth surface.  Our stems are finished in a gloss white, with the Sampson logo laser etched on the side. 

The new 35 Stem is made to accept the next generation 1.5 inch steerer tubes,  and a carbon shim is included for use with current 1 1/8th inch standard forks.  As well,   If you want to use a standard 31.8 bar with our new 35 stem, please purcahse the carbon adaptor which fits over your 31.8 bar and brings the outside diameter up to 35mm. 


Note:  Torque all Stratics 35 stem bolts to 5 NM. 

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