Showtime Triple package-SALE

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Sometimes a triple is hard to beat!

If you ride in places  with steep climbs, like Colorado, or Hawaii ( really- no kidding )  or New Hampshire, sometimes you just need those low gears to keep the cadence up those steep grades.  And, somtimes you still want the bigger ring set up of a triple to go fast down the hill too!  This is where a triple shines!   We have packaged  our fast shifting Showtime triple Shifters with the matching Showtime triple derailleurs for great performance, and at a super close-out price.   Remember, Sampson 10 speed equipment is cross compatible with the Shimano 10.  If  you are riding some older Shimano triple equipment on your bike and it is time to redo it, or if you are going to build a new bike and need a triple, this is a great set up.   This package includes a set of Showtime Triple shifters, Showtime triple rear derailleur, a triple front derailleur. 

The Showtime equipment is fast shifting, and beautiful to look at too!   We high polish the rear derailleur, and the font derailleur features a fully polished steel cage, so it not only looks great, it shifts with precision!   The Showtime shifters feature Sampson's Intuishift set up, where the big lever is for brakes, the larger inner paddle moves you up the cassette ( to an easier gear )  and the short trigger drops you back down.  You can go up 3, and down 1, but the short trigger throw is so fast, you can pop off 4 cogs almost instantly. 

The left hand lever offers a precise shift , and the long cage on the font derailleur insures smooth, easy exchanges.  A  great set up for cross and commuting, as the Sampson shifters are very easy to use with gloves.    Quantity is limited to stock on hand.   Price includes free shipping to USA address.  

Note:  cable and housing is NOT included with this set.