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From the toughest race venues alongside some of the worlds top pros, to a solo rider on a lonely gravel road,  you can count on Fat Wrap to help protect your hands, while looking great on your bike!  Since 1990, tens of thousands of riders have selected Fat Wrap as it combines a seamless one-piece feel with a just right balance of cushioning, grip, control and durability!    Often emulated- but never equaled.  The first, the best, the real deal!

If durability, washability, ease of wrapping, feel and even getting it off the bike all count, then Fat Wrap is way off the front before we even talk about it how it pads your bars with enough material to take off the road buzz, but not so much your hands feel like you are squeezing a sponge and loosing that all important road feel!  

Fat Wrap is the original closed-cell, tough as nails, wraps up seamlessly bar tape!  Since it's introduction 30 years ago,  our attention to detail has kept Fat Wrap the leader !  Sampson's Fat Wrap is produced with a special machine and tools that tapers our edges perfectly,  so your bars have a one-piece feel.   Our special closed cell polyurethane based material absorbs small vibrations while cushioning your hands.  Fat Wrap's velvety feel gives you a great grip, without being so tacky that you can't slide your hands to different spots on the bars when you need a quick shift or pulling power.

As a leader in carbon handlebars,  we think Fat Wrap is about the perfect wrap for carbon bars, as it doesn't use any back side adhesive tape. We found that while this is nice for alloy bars, it gives Fat Wrap a huge advantage for carbon bars where you need to be exceptionally careful in scraping off bar tape residue or with harsh chemicals. 

Each Fat Wrap package contains 2 rolls of bar tape, 2 end caps, 2 finishing tape strips, and 2 brake strips so your bike transforms to a total pro look.   Fat Wrap washes up great -a little Dawn or other dish soap usually gets it looking like new in short order, making it even more economical to use.  

If you are doing gravel riding,  cobbles in Europe, or just want extra padding, here is another tip: Wrap the tops of your bars, from the hoods to the center section first, and then do a standard wrap over it.  This lets you have amazing cushioning while riding on the tops, and keeps your drops with a improved feel for descending control!  




Fat Wrap is avaialble in black, blue, red, white, yellow and purple.  

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