Sampson's E-Z Grip cage is made using an innovative pincer arm design that opens and grips your bottle firmly when you insert it.  And by firmly we mean it might leave a little indent mark on a poly bottle !

The bottle comes out smoothly when you want a drink.  When you want to put the bottle back in, the big angled top sections work like a funnel to guide your bottle back in, even if you have the bottle at an angle!  

The E-Z Grip cage will also let you pull the bottle out on a bit of an angle too, which helps when you have only seconds to grab a drink!   

Great for road, gravel, mtb, tri- anywhere you can't afford to loose a bottle or hydration!  

The cage is made using a tough fiber composite, the E-Z Grip cage also means you can forget about launching any more bottles !  

Weight is about 53 g, and the cage comes with standard mounting bolts, and fits all standard bike bottle mounts.   Choose from either black or red.  

USA shipping only, this product ships free in the USA.  

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