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If you want more speed,  2 areas are key:  position and control.   The Stratics TT bars optimize both, so you hit the podium more often!


The Stratics TT bars could be your best purchase you ever made in your quest for going faster.   Now, we have an amazing close-out price on world class speed ! 

If you are thinking aero, body position is numero uno.  it beats out everything else- frame, wheels, helmet - probably combined !  Your body determines your aerodynamics, everything else is icing on the cake.   Sure, these all provide gains that combine to deliver a good amount of watts, but nothing that comes close to optimizing your position, and for this, the Stratics is at the front of the pack! 

Stratics bars are almost infinitely adjustable, so you become one with the bike for your best aerodynamics ever. Nobody is going to dispute this part of the equation. 

One area that is never a topic on the Slowtwich forum is riding a good line., We have all seen  triathletes, even top pros, and their bikes wander side to side.  The Stratics TT bars feature a specially designed arm platform for added control, and exceptional positioning.  The wing that rises up to the outboard side of the arm rest is worth it's weight in gold when it comes to control by giving the rider the ability to steer with their forearm without sliding on the pad. The result is you steer with precision, so you hold a much better line.  For a Ironman 112, riding a good line will help you shave minutes off your time !    Look at the great features the Stratics delivers:

  • Extensions rotate 360 degrees for your best hand position, and offer an ergonomic palm/grip area to keep your hands from cramping. 
  • Arm rests move fore-aft, side to side, and also rotate.   Being able to rotate the arm supports lets you keep your hands closed in front while still being able to keep your shoulders and arms tighter for vastly improved aerodynamics- even more  important for triathletes who typically have larger shoulders from swimming  than cyclists.  Those with smaller shoulders can bring the arm-pads closer to center for optimal fit with the inside pad mounting position.
  • 50 mm of fore-aft adjustment on the extensions for excllent fit 
  • Brake cables route internally and exit at the back of the base bar 
  • Shift cables can be routed internally or externally , or go wireless !  
  • Standard 31.8 mm stem diameter allows you to mix/match stem length and rise to obtain your perfect position
  • Super stiff base bar gives you excellent  hand support and excellent positioning for climbs as well as a  full aero profile
  • UCI 3:1 compliant for use in bike racing as well as triathlon

While the Stratics bars will help you to dial in your perfect position to lower aerodynamic drag, the Stratics lets you improve your control and comfort, for time savings that is as impressive as a good aero position

While there are a lot of aero bars on the market, the Stratics combination of exceptional adjustabily and features to imporove your on-bike performance are unequaled by anything in it's range.  Performance is the key, and a set of Stratics TT bars could be the advantage you need.  

Step up to the Stratics , and step onto the podium.     USA Shipping only.