Stratics SL seat post

27.2 x 300
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The Stratics carbon seat post gets the SL designator as it is just that - Super Light!   The Stratics post is made with a full monocoque design, meaning it is molded in one piece, versus having the head bonded in like 99% of our competition. 

The SL post features seat support and rail cap out of carbon,  and the rail support is 25 mm long.  The length is significant, as having a longer support provides more contact area on the seat rail.   At just 135 grams in a 250 mm length,  the SL is one of the very lightest, but with the advantage of full seat rail support.   A premium 6/4 titanium bolt is the proverbial cherry on top, for maximum strength and minimum weight.  The Stratics SL post features a 6 mm hex for one-bolt adjustment, and offers 22 mm of set back, and easy tilt adjustment. 

Great looks, top performance, minimal weight.  It is our hallmark!


WEIGHT: 27.2 x 250 mm is 135 g.  27.2 x 350 is 155 g.   31.6 x 300 is 185 g. 

NOTE:  5 NM   torque on seat tube binder bolt, 10-12  NM on seat clamp bolt.   Please coat the seat bolt threads with anti-seize.

NOTE: use torque paste for best results on seat post, and on rail supports