Stratics /Conquest 9 deg, EZ walk, 3pr/pack

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 Stratics Replacement cleats:  Top performance, easier to walk in, and 3 pair are only $45! 


The Stratics replacement cleats are for use with Sampson Stratics Carbon, Stratics Carbon ti, Stratics Carbon Q.,  Conquest,  s6 Ti, s5  and s5 Light Action pedal sets. 

The cleats feature a main body made from nylon,  and are co-molded with a softer polymer for grip when you are walking or putting your foot down at a stop.     The Stratics cleats are about 70 grams a set , and come complete with washers and bolts.    If you are happy with your cleat/pedal position , please remember to outline your cleat on your shoe with a marker or similar to make installing the new cleats simple.

The co-molding process of our cleats not only gives them easier walking, but also seals up the top cavities that Speedplay thinks is important,  so yes, our cleats are almost closed on top too.  We don't agree with Speedplay math, but if you do, you will be happy to know the Stratics cleats give you more of what you are looking for! 

While you may get a debate on the merit of the shoe portion of the cleat contact, there seems to be no debate with the huge, non-rocking cleat platfor you get with all Stratics  and Conquest Pedals.   The s5 foot bed width is at 62 mm, and 66 mm for the Conquest, Carbon, Carbon Ti . 

We state that you should change your cleats whenever one of the front or back contact areas is 2mm or less.   We also know most cyclists tend to ignore their pedals, and even more their cleats.   We made it really economical for you to replace your cleats as needed, versus waiting until they stop working!      Replacing your cleats is essential for both your riding safety and ride quality, as badly worn cleats will start to rock and can have unwanted relase too.   And, while we are talking specifically about Sampson pedals,  all systems cleats wear, so we encourage you to check your cleats today. 

Please check your bolt tightness frequently, and inspect your cleats before every ride to make sure there are not any foreign objects (rocks, twigs,,sand, etc) lodged in the cleats.   If you obtain a squeak, an occasional squirt of Armor-All or similar on the cleat bottom can improve performance and keep the softer polymer material from grabbing and creating a squeak when you ride  ( again, we are speaking to our product, but it is a good tip for use with others too) 

Shipping in the USA is $8.