At just 111 grams, the Stratics race saddle is feathery light!  

The Stratics race saddle is just that: A high performance carbon shell for light weight and almost zero loss of power from compression on the shell  Carbon shell saddles are a favorite with Tour Pros and others who are looking for every watt. 

Howver, if you have ever ridden a carbon saddle, you probably remember that  they are normally pretty hard on the old backside!   While it is a little bit of a compromise, the Stratics  carbon race saddle features 3  high-density closed cell pads, which likely absorb a watt or so,  but they take that hard edge off bumps and rough roads that make sitting and pedaling so challenging on non-padded carbon shells. 

Where the Stratics carbon saddle is off the front is climbing.  The lack of mass at the top of your bike is instantly evident when you are out of the saddle, and since most mountain roads are a bit rough, the padding is just enough to let you keep pedaling to the podium !  

The Stratics SL carbon seat posts are a great match for your Stratics carbon saddle as they weigh only 135 g. in a 27.2 x 250 mm size, and have a long 25 mm cradle for supporting carbon rails.  If you want to save 1/2 pound or more , grab a Stratics Race saddle and  Stratics carbon seat post today, and the podium is yours tomorrow !  

Replacemet pads for the Stratics saddle are sold in sets of 3, and are only $25 for a new set  of 3. These can be found under the accessories heading .  







NOTE:  there is not any warranty on this saddle due to it's carbon shell which can be broken with foreseeable impacts.    This product is intended for competition use.  

CAUTION:  due to the carbon rails ,  to prevent concentration of loads on the rails, use only seat posts ( such as Stratics, Thomson, many others) that provide at minimum a 20 mm support area on the rail clamping area. 

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