Little details=big gains ! 

Sampson pedals have been winning big events since they came on the scene and helped power the US Cycling team at the Seoul Olympics in 1988.  Consistently at the forefront of technology, Sampson Stratics may look kind of plain Jane, but the ride is pure world-class !  

The Carbon's help you ride better.  Period.    The pedals provide an exceptionally big platform, 66 mm.   Sampson's  "No-Rock"  design keeps your cleat flat on the pedal without rocking for more power, and a smoother pedal stroke.    Check out the other big advantages you get when you jump on the Stratics Carbon bandwagon:

  • Light !  While they have a huge contact area, pedals are just 121 g. each !
  • Polished steel top plate is tougher and stiffer than aluminum for enhanced power and durability
  • Cleats feature a co-molded grip surfaces,  with standard 3 hole mounting.  This give you the ability to dial in your starting foot rotation, and fore/aft positioning , and delivers a few mm of side to side Q adjustment.  
  • The Stratics Carbon has a very big 66 mm wide platform,  wider than both the Keo Max or Blade, and is double the size of a Speedplay. 
  • Spindles are cold-forged for strength, then CNC machine finished for precision accuracy for longer life, with a fully sealed bearing system of year and years of smooth pedaling 
  • Low spindle center to top height of just 9.8 mm keeps you closer to the axle, which some find a big plus
  • Smpson's "Almost Automatic" rear cam design means entry is " almost automatic" , for effortless entry 
  • Micro-adjustable tension delivers your perfect feel,  and steel springs provide consistent performance in all temperatures versus composite tensioners. 
  • Pedals adjust in seconds with only a 3mm hex, with a visual tension window in back
  • No-Rock foot platform delivers a non-rocking cleat/pedal interface for smoother and more efficient pedal motion
  • Comes complete with one set of 9  degree rotational cleats, with co-molded walking surfaces

Care and use:  For best performance, check and clean pedals/cleats to make sure there is not any foreign matter on either.  Clean with soap/water if required.    Check your cleat bolts for tightness .  Lubricate cam hinges with a light oil,  please do not use solvent based lubricants on the pedals.  

Replace your cleats when they are worn to 2mm or less at the contact zones.   We offer replacement cleats in affordable 3 packs so you can always enjoy all the performance built into your Stratics pedals. 








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