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The Stratics Carbon Pedal.  Decades of top race results go into making the Stratics Carbon technology you can feel!  


The Carbon series have been engineered to help you to ride faster, with more comfort. Check out the impressive array of features that are your's with the Carbon Pro:

  • Light !  Just 121 g. per pedal , but with a full menu of features for added speed, comfort and durability
  • 66 mm wide pedal for a huge platform for support, and the Sampson "dimple" is the key to our "No Rock" platform, to keep rocking motions out of your pedal stroke for smoother, more fluid pedaling mile after mile
  • Polished steel top plate delivers enhanced power and durability versus aluminum commonly used by others
  • The Stratics uses Toray Japan's material for it's carbon body, not a glass "composite" , so you get a lighter, stiffer pedal that can deliver every watt you have 
  • Cold forged, CNC finished spindles spin easily on sealed cartridge bearings for years of service 
  • Low spindle center to top height of just 9.8 mm keeps you closer to the axle, which some find a big plus
  • Sampson redesigned the rear cam, which  means entry is " almost automatic"  for an effortless entry
  • Micro-adjustable tension delivers your perfect release setting in seconds with only a 3 mm hex required
  • Steel springs provide consistent performance in all temperatures, and adjust in seconds with only a 3mm hex, with a visual tension window in back.  
  • Comes with one set of 9  degree rotational cleats, with co-molded walking surfaces, standard 3-hole mounting 


Care and use:  Check to make sure your pedals and cleats are clean and free of any foreign material before each ride.  Check to make sure your cleat bolts are tight and the cleats are not damaged or severely worn before each ride.  Wash your pedals and cleats when dirty using a soap and water and a brush, and lubricate the hinge pivots every 250 miles or 90 days.  

Replace your cleats when they are worn to 2mm or less at the contact zones.   We offer replacement cleats in affordable 3 packs so you can always enjoy all the performance built into your Stratics pedals.