Light ?  Sure.  But it's their great modulation and feel that lets a top rider really enjoy their benefits!

The Stratics brakes are solid performers that combines low weight with excellent modulation,  for a brake that lets you have amazing control during races and other demanding situations.

The dual pivot design on both calipers of the Stratics means evenly applied stopping power so you can modulate your speed with ease.  The dual-pivot mechanics of the Stratics provides lock-em-up power on demand,  but the big feature is the Stratics brakes are going to wow  a skilled cyclist with their even feel far more than their outright stopping power.   The Stratics are among the best balanced brakes, so you scrub off just the exact amount of speed you want without over-braking, letting you set up to come out of a turn faster .   Better lines, more control in, faster out means less chasing back on!

While these brakes are light, they have a ton of features to make them tough too!   Cold-forged arms for durability.  A steel main mounting bolt adds strength, and we use steel pivots and steel cable clamps for top durability, along with easy set up and use.   A micro-adjustable indexed wheel opener is standard (in case you ding a rim and need to partially open the brake for wobble) ,  and a beefy barrel adjuster lets you set the cable tension to your exact preference for a just right feel.   With a set of Stratics brakes weighing only 261 g a set, their low weight hleps get you UP the hill faster too!    Their gloss black finish looks great with almost all frames, and the Stratics brake set brings you added value including a set of composite compound  pads for carbon wheels installed , and a set of grey all-condition alloy pads is included . 

Free shipping in the USA with the Stratics brake set too ! 



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