s5 LA W
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The s5 Light Action.   Made for lighter competitors !  

We developed the s5 LA for women and lighter riders who require top performance -but also a little easier release, so getting out is never a struggle !    The s5 is also a great choice if you have issues with knee or hip rotation for all riders.  Top quality, light, and silky smooth performance. 

  • 62 mm wide foot platform, for exceptional power
  • No-rock foot platform for smoother pedaling 
  • Polished steel contact plate resists abrasions, adds stiffness and durability
  • The s5 cleats provide 12 degrees of rotation with excellent adjustability side to side and fore/aft ( you can use a Keo cleat in this pedal as well ) 
  • Micro-adjustable tension for a perfect feel in seconds
  • LIGHT!  Just 131 G each , lighter than many composite body pedals
  • Cold-forged, CNC precision finished spindles 
  • 3 sealed cartridge bearings spin like a top and rarely need service
  • For lighter riders (about 85  pounds and up)  or riders who want lower release tension , i.e. bad knees,who still demand high performance
  • White only 
  • No more compromising ride quality to obtain an easy release ! Now many women and men are able to get pro performance- and still get in and out with ease!  

Note - please clean your pedals and cleats after every ride 

Lubricate the hinged areas every 500 miles. 

Check your release before every ride.   

Remember to replace your cleats when the front or rear contact zones get to 2 mm in thickness.

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