s5 LA W
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The s5 delivers pro performance with top level features and weight.  Developed for women and juniors who are often accomplished riders, but sometimes struggle with difficult entry or release as they don't have a lot of body mass to engage or release.  Other brands all equated easier relase with entry level quality and performance. The s5 Light Action is tailored to the needs of top riders, having been used successfully by women in world-class competition.  Great ride, top quality and no drama at every stop!  

  • Big platform for power and comfort. Sampson's No-Rock dimpled top eliminates foot rocking, with 62 mm of width for excellent pressure distribution
  • Light-The s5 LA is only 126 grams per pedal -lighter than most brands composite or carbon pedals 
  • Durable. Pro grade CNC finished spindles, 3 sealed bearings per pedal and the polished steel top plate and sealed springs and alloy cam provide years of use 
  • Easy-adjusts to you in seconds with a 3mm hex 
  • Versatile performance range allows use by riders that have compromised knees or hips and require easier release.  Developed for riders 85  pounds (38 kg) and up.  
  • Set includes one set of walking style cleats, with up to 10 deg. of rotation, and standard 3-hole mounting.  Pedals also accept Keo cleats. 
  • White only 

Note - please clean your pedals and cleats after every ride-do not ride with mud/dirt/ice/snow on your pedal or cleat surfaces 

Lubricate the hinged areas on the cam every 500 miles 

Check your release before every ride.   

Remember to replace your cleats when the front or rear contact zones are reduced  to 2 mm in thickness.