TAKE YOUR ROAD OR GRAVEL RIDING TO NEW HEIGHTS !   The Fondo is great performing road pedal that doesn't mind playing in the mud!  From tours to trekking to just getting to work, the Fondo is ready to go !  


  • Open flow-through body to expel mud/snow/ etc.  
  • Standard SPD style shoe/cleat interface for easy walking 
  • Large platform provides for excellent pressure distribution so you don't get hot-spots 
  • Operates with both the Sampson or Shimano SPD cleats 
  • Race pedal weights - 146 grams per pedal makes it a top pick for performance type riding
  • Excellent cold forged and CNC finished spindle spins on a fully sealed bearing system 
  • Tough - featuring a full alloy body, steel retention clips, sealed bearing.
  • Grip strip is machined into the pedal back, and makes life easier if you mis-enter and have to pedal though an intersection on the back of the pedal- a small detail you will greatly appreciate when needed 

Note:  With any clipless pedal, check that your shoe/cleat attachment is tight and clean, and check the release before starting on every ride. Clean your pedals and cleats after every ride, and lubricate the hinges at least every few hundred miles with a couple of drops of your favorite lubricant 

 NOTE:   Please use the Sampson or Shimano cleats 





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