Fast. Fun. Friendly.  The Fondo.  Perfect for gravel roads, commuting, multi-day tours, and the occasional race ! 

If you want race quality eel on the bike,  and still demand easy walking off the bike,  you will  LOVE the Fondo!   The Fondo has the same attributes that make our road pedals medal-winners:  a BIG  platform, cold forged and CNC finished  spindles with sealed bearings, and light weight ! 

The Fondo was designed to be ridden with a recessed sole MTB shoe- so you can easily walk, climb stairs, and get 'em really dirty !   Plus, they still keep your bike looking  ( and weighing ) like a Tour ready race machine!

The Fondo is excellent for commuting, tours, and sport or fitness riding.  Sampson designed our exclusive Grip-Strip  on the back of the pedal for fluster free riding by providing a high-friction grip surface on the back of the pedal. The Grip-Strip means if you hit the back, you pedal though, and enter when the traffic and conditions are less harried.   While the Grip-Strip alone is enough of an advantage to give it a big edge over it's competiton, look at all the other advantages you obtain with this pedal :

  • Versus a typical double-sided mountain bike pedal,  you obtain much more foot contact area that provides enhanced power and excellent pressure distribution with MTB or touring shoes. 
  • The thin profile adds a huge amount of cornering clearance, a big advantage over a double sided design
  • You obtain a top level sealed cartridge bearing system for years of sliky smooth pedaling with minimial service
  • Cold-forged, CNC finished spindle is chrome plated for years of top performance
  • Easy to adjust tension so you obtain your just-right feel for entry/release
  • The Fondo's great lines look at home on the sleekest carbon race bike
  • Full alloy body and steel mechanism are tough for years of dependable use
  • Flow-through body design allows mud and snow to easily fall out of the system so it is a great choice for the adventure/gravel/touring  rider who needs the big platform for added comfort and power
  • Top quality cold-forged and cnc finished spindles are not often seen at this price level!
  • Light!  At just 146 g. a pedal, the Fondo gives you true  race -level weight.
  • High quality combines with  high utility  to provide you with a pedal that you love to use all the time
  • Free Shipping !

Note:  With any clipless pedal, check that your shoe/cleat attachment is clean and the release before use. Clean your pedals and cleats after every ride,   and lubricate the hinges as needed.





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