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Sampson's Pro Build means attention to detail, so your new bike delivers all the performance inherent with your new bike, while keeping all the little mass-production issues at bay !     Sampson started making bikes in 1992, and still do things the old-world way.  Hand chasing bottom brackets, tapping bottle holes and/or cable adjusters, etc.  Cranks are torqued, and shifting is seamless.  

After we fully assemble your bike, we break it down, and typically we ship your front wheel in its own box which greatly reduces the chances for damage to it or the bike, as without the front wheel in the carton we double wall the box for added protection!  Your frame is mummified in foam and bubbles, so it may well take you longer to remove the protection than re-assemble this !  

Pro Build is for those customers who have experience and the proper tools to re-assemble a bike.  DO NOT attempt to re-assemble the bike if you are not experienced in this process and have the proper tools.   If you do have the tools or experience to properly and safely re-assemble and torque the bolts on the stem and seat post especially, do not order this package.  Please order your frame and build kit, and have a shop perform your re-assembly !  


You will need the following tools- 

Work stand or assembly support

Safety scissors or sharp knife to remove packaging

Torque Key- or small torque wrench for handlebars, seat post  ( 4mm hex head) 

15 mm pedal wrench, or hex key for installing pedals ( either 6 or 10 mm depending on model) 

Crank threads are pre-greased for pedals

5 or 6 mm hex for adjusting seat binder bolt to saddle