Our new DA SL package combines the awesome new DA 9000 group, Dura Ace carbon wheels, and Sampson weight saving components to give you a bike that is a couple of POUNDS UNDER UCI weight limits!  


We start with the sensational new Dura Ace components.  All new, with big bold shapes, low weights, and shifting performance that only Shimano can really come close to!  Buttery smooth, with a precise feel, and tech features that keep the new 9000 a notch above it's competition- and yes, we also include di2 ! 

The new cranks are light, stiff and great looking!  The hollow rings are one big reason Dura Ace shifts so well, as they simply resist deflection better for seamless front shifts!  In back, the new XTR inspired rear derailleur can now accept up to a 30t rear cog ( and we can also use the new 8000 if you want to go to 34 t!). The redesigned brakes are lighter and now take up to a 28 mm tire as well as offering improved modulation.  

Up front, enjoy the super precision and control of the new Sampson 35 mm bar and stem !   Light, and when you pour on the gas, you will appreciate that immediate power from the lack of flex in the bar and stem.   A Sampson carbon post is standard too, along with the Stratics carbon race saddle !   The Stratics post is one of the lightest on the market, and one of the best !  There is about 24 mm of rail support on the carbon clamping system , and the one-piece design eliminates press-fit and bonded joints. The Stratics race saddle is about 111 g, but the closed cell pads make a world of difference in ride comfort ! 

Last, you get a set of the HED Ardennes SL with the super-fast Continental 4000s tires for low rolling resistance, and real world toughness !   

When you put this package together with the Exalt or Diablo frame and forks, you get state of the art frames, and 12-14 pound weights !  






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