KALISPELL PRO , featuring DURA ACE 9100

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Fast, fun, light, smooth, precise, and custom made for you !  

All the Kalispell's are fast, fun, and silky smooth.  It is one of those rare bikes that is a joy to ride, whatever the occasion. From multiple hundred mile days on a big event, road racing,  or simply getting up and down your favorite climb with ease!  

The frame  is wonderful. Just as the early titanium Kalispell wowed everyone for delivering a bike that was simply off the front,  this Kali remains true to form as one of the best all-round performance bikes in the world!   

The funny thing is that on a scale of 1-10, we ourselves likely would not give the Kali a 10 on any single category, but it does get a lot of 8s and 9s.  The result is this Kali will very likely fit the bill for that "do it all" performance bike !   Light enough to be a weapon on climbs, stable for descents, and the feel of this bike is unique-fun-lively.  This is part geometry, part carbon lay-up, and part SAS!  

The handling is easy and very predictable, so you have the confidence to grin though a 10 mile descent, and becomes automatic when you are spinning away miles.   The bike disappears from under you.  The frame has enough give to take the bite of miles of chip seal or rutted gravel roads, plus your bike comes with Sampson's SAS vibration control!  SAS is very effective for providing you with a quiet and smooth ride, but just as important, doesn't absorb watts, and only adds about 50-90 grams on your bike! 

Weight?  We give the bike weight an 8, but that is because we have lofty standards here!  This bike is going to be around 16-16.5 pounds, and this is with pedals.  We know: This is Pro Tour weight, and simply unheard of at this price category!  While they are best in class weights, since we can turn out an Exalt in a sub-14 pound bike with off the shelf parts, we have to give the Kali a rating lower than 10!  

Next, it is Dura Ace.  Light, sleek looking, lasts seemingly forever, flipping great stuff.  Lightning fast shifts up or down, multiple cogs with ease, and silky smooth.  

 As a company that has produced a big list of top end components ourselves over the past 3 decades, we are going to acknowledge that this Dura Ace still pro-grade, with a big edge in a lot of areas.  9100 simply shifts faster than electronic versions from Sram or Shimano.   Maintenance is simple, it's lighter, and the new DA brakes will quickly vanquish any doubts you had about going to discs, as they modulate great, and have even more stopping power than ever before.   Now that the pro's are back in action, check out their bikes -and see how many are riding standard calipers.  

Rounding out this Kali package is more top pro stuff!  Stratics carbon bars, a Stratics stem, Pro seat post, and Fat Wrap bar tape.   Last, we send you a measurement form after you order- yes, your bike will still be custom assembled around your dimensions, so you ride like a pro from day one!   

Bike specs:

Kalispell frame and fork , white with carbon weave logo

Dura Ace 9100 crank set ( specify length, and 53/39, 50/32, or 52/36) brakes, derailleurs, shifters

Cassette:  Sampson 11 speed, specify 11-25 or 11-28 

bar/ stem:  Stratics Ergo carbon ( 40, 42, 44 or 46) , Stratics alloy stem ( specify 80-120) 

Seat post: Shimano Pro alloy-

Wheels -Shimano 11 speed with Conti tires 

Frames are available in 






Please order early and be patient as we are trying our best to work around multiple product shortages , but we do have a small stock of Dura Ace on hand and more set to arrive soon!