Exalt Frame/Fork/ Headset

exalt fr/fk
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The new Exalt frame set establishes new details and features that deliver top level performance, while also providing some pretty great additions to comfort and durability !   Sure we could cut out 150 grams, but then you would likely not love your bike !  Plus, we can build your Exalt into a 12-13 pound bike pretty easily, so we would rather enhance durability and comfort for you versus a cut a few more grams!   

Since the Exalt was designed as a top level race bike, two areas were it's focus- power and weight.   The Exalt has some really big tubes for power as you can see.  The hard part is to keep these powerful large diameter tubes and still deliver a super-light bike - or one that is actually comfortable to ride day after day !  

The Exalt frame on average is around 900 grams,  which is 150-200 grams over the lightest frames, but you certainly get a lot of enhancements for your 150 grams- and your dollars too !    The Exalt crushes a lot of frames that double up the Exalt's price, without giving you the features or ride quality !    Look at all you get with an Exalt :


  • Exotic tube to tube construction significantly reduces frame weight ( and increases frame  production costs) 
  • Full alloy , threaded , English bottom bracket shell !  Say goodbye to squeaks, creaks and expensive replacement bearings and special tools
  • Alloy reinforced drop-outs, with a replaceable alloy derailleur hanger
  • Oversized head tube with a tapered 1.5 inch fork lower for impeccable handling 
  • Fully guided internal cable routing - put a cable in one end, pops out the other- and also keeps cables from rattling
  • Sampson's SAS to make your Exalt smoother and quieter for added enjoyment every ride without taking away one watt of your power !    

The Exalt is world-class fast- but we also did not forget that if you are going to love your bike it has to be world-class fun too !    There are a lot of very competent bikes, and why we raised the bar so high with the Exalt !  Using some top level race grade components, you can be POUNDS under the UCI weight limit, plus have a bike that is smooth, quiet and powerful !    Give us a click or call today to make your bike a reality !