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This very special Exalt starts by forming Toray's top level carbon fabrics into high modulus tubes, which are then mitered into mating shapes,  like building a metal frame, and then they are bonded in place.  Next,  the joints are wrapped with carbon fabric, and baked under pressure, then finished to produce a seamless looking joint . The upside? You get a amazing level of performance, with reduced weight.  The down side? Cost.   The time and effort of making tube to tube bikes is why they are reserved for the most premium price ranges. 

 Tube to tube is great for producing lighter frames versus a 1 or 2 piece molded frame.   This style of production is what Crumption and a few other high end custom frame builders have used for years in their top carbon frames.  The obvious downside to this production style is time, resulting in very high frame costs.  

We abhor noise in our bikes, so the Exalt features fully guided cable routing which is something not used by many manufacturers as it adds cost.  Guided means you stick the cable in, and it pops out of the frame where you want it!  No fishing, swearing, or rattling around inside the bike on every bump!    Clean, simple, easy-and quiet!     Aero sleekness meets old-school practicality! 

This Exalt also utilizes the acclaimed Sampson Attenuation System (SAS),  which gives you the smoothest, quietest ride around, without absorbing any power.  Trying to obtain comfort and power without a compromise of either is highly difficult proposition, but SAS delivers !  Any time you have parts moving, i.e. shocks, flexing seat posts or seat tubes,  you loose power.  With SAS we give you a bike with notably less vibration and noise, and zero power loss.  As for those of you who are skeptical, don't take our word - Sampson bikes with SAS have been reviewed over the years by Velo News, Bicycling, Bicycle Guide, Asphalt, Cycling News and others who stated as skeptics and quickly became fans. 

With the tube to tube process and top carbon, a big size in the Exalt is still under 1,000 g. !   It is made for speed, with a big aero-bladed fork and a tapered 1 and 1/8th to 1.5 inch base which delivers exceptional handling .  The chain stays are torsion box style for power,  and the curved seat stays take a little of the edge off , but the bulk of the frame's stealth and comfort comes from the SAS.  

While world-class ready, the bike is amazingly easy to love as a daily rider.  Although Eric Sampson was called a luddite ( we will keep it classy ) by one Boulder magazine editor for his use of a threaded bb shell and not a press-fit carbon shell to save a few more grams was, well,  less than amusing .  Other "old-school" features such as alloy drop-outs, a replaceable alloy hanger ( versus a one-piece molded carbon hanger) were there by design to make your investment in top equipment as durable as possible.  Since we can readily use off the shelf parts with the Exalt and drop the full bike weights with pedals 2-3 POUNDS below the UCI weight restriction, we simply saw no good reason to go with features to shave another 100-150 grams, but also create possible issues such as sqeaks, or having a little crash ruin the frame.   We figure if you are buying the bike, you probably don't have a team car behind you, so yes, we do want to make your rides as smooth and dependable as possible! 

On the special LE version, we have selected the new Ultegra 8000 group, which delivers lightning fast shifts, and braking that is powerful with great modulation, with low weight and Dura Ace looks!  Other than a few grams, and some very subtle differences, the new 8000 series Ultegra delivers very close to Dura Ace levels of function as well, so you have a bike that is easily up to competition at the highest levels of the sport. 

Up front we equip the bike with our new Stratics 35 Carbon bar and stem, for a new level of power and precision.   The 35 bar provides aero shaping, a short reach, and immediate response for steering, or flex-free sprints !   Plus we have added in the new upper level RS wheels from Shimano, that go either with a standard tube, or tubeless-and they are smooth, light and fast rolling !   

Amazing is not a word used often here, but the Exalt LE at our special price is just that.   If you want to make it a better bike than most of the bikes on the pro tour, just let us know, and go with Dura Ace, Sram 12 AXS, etc..  When you want more speed, and higher quality , you simply won't beat this bike.  

Shortly after your order we will send you a measurement form , and then contact you for additional information to make sure your new Exalt fits like a glove and delivers all the attributes you want for gearing, etc.  

Frames are limited , please allow up to 14 days for build, packaging .   


No shipping outside the USA, AK and HI are extra.