Exalt SL

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The new Exalt is around 14 pounds with pedals, cages and all the stuff most bike companies leave off when weighing the bike!  But, more importantly, the Exalt is very, very fast.   From the advanced tube to tube style of production on the frame, to the blended Dura Ace and Sampson components,  the Exalt provides you with blazing speed, but also all the little details that make it easy to love as a daily rider.   

The tube to tube style of production is used by a handful of elite craftsmen, such as Alchemy, Crumpton and Parlee to note a few.   Tube to tube requires precision mitering of the tubes, and then they are bonded and wrapped at the joints for a super strong, yet super light structure.   While we could have certainly gone to the high 700 gram super-exotic level with ease, the question that kept coming up was why?   It was easy to do- simply eliminate the alloy inserts on the drop-outs, the full alloy, threaded 68 bottom bracket shell, the replaceable alloy derailleur hanger, alloy head tube races, and the internal cable guides.  These all end up adding a little weight back into the bike - but it also provides a huge edge in everyday riding and durability!  So, we have a frame that depending on size is going to be in the high 800 to low 900 gram range-still super light!

The fork is aero shaped too, with a top crown of 1.5 inches tapering to a 1 and 1/8th.  After all, with all the power the Exalt delivers, you need a fork that provide you with amazing precision on 50 mph descents, or the tightest crit turns. Like the frame, it has alloy inserts in the drop-outs, for that extra bit of added durability and ease of use .  

The SL blends an assortment of the high-tech marvels, so you don't just have light weight, you have best of the best function mated with excellent durability!    The shifting is Dura Ace 11, the latest and greatest, with sublimely fast shifts at the touch of a finger.  The MTB inspired new rear derailleur accommodates up to a 30 tooth cassette in back, which for some lets you have that big climbing gear for those days with the old legs start whining !  The new style Dura Ace front derailleur is a little funky in how the cable comes in, butcoupled with the new shifter cable actuation leave little doubt that Shimano is simply off the front when it comes to shifts that are immediate, precise and easy.    We will sing the praises of Di2 when we build a TT or tri bike, but since the mechanical is lighter, faster, and honestly just about as easy to initiate,  we prefer to use the mechanical style shifts for the SL.    Like the added features of the Exalt frame,  since the shift speed of the new DA is faster than Di2, we opt for function, durability, and dependability.    Of course, if you just gotta have the electronic, we can serve it up- just ask!  

Rounding out the SL are some exceptional Sampson components.  Our SL brakes are almost weightless when you pick them up, but they are cold-forged, dual -pivot design, with all steel posts and mounts for excellent strength and great durability.   The deep clam-shell arms provide power with little weight, and on the back we take them to the CNC to remove some non-critical mass.  Then, we have these great looking pad holders that are only a handful of grams, dropping the SL brake weight into the range of the super-exotics- but maintaining everyday toughness and ease of use!  

The Stratics SL cranks are another part that is super-light, yet everyday tough.   The SL cranks are only about 545 grams with rings and a 6/4 ti bb spindle !     Carbon wrapped over a forged alloy spine insures top level strength and alignments, with fully ramped and pinned CNC precision made rings. 

Rounding out the bike ( pun intended) are a set of the HED Ardennes SL wheels !  Hed was the pioneer in developing the wider rim profiles, as they have proven to enhance both aerodynamics and handling.    The machined brake tracks provide awesome modulation and feel, something that is really difficult to obtain with the majority of discs, even if their was not a weight penalty.  Featuring a short aero profile, the light weight SL is in the same range as most of your upper-level carbon wheels in ride quality and acceleration! 

Topping off the SL is the Stratics Carbon race saddle, with a Stratics carbon post.   Again, the lack of mass is apparent instantly when climbing or sprinting.   At just 111 grams, the carbon shell of the Stratics saddle is enhanced with 3 replaceable pads on the contact zones, so you get world-class performance, real world ride-ability!  

This is a limited edition model, so don't miss out on a superb riding bike, and amazing value !