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What is black and white and fast ?   This exotic SL version of the Exalt!    At 15.8 pounds as shown with cages and alloy wheels,  the Exalt will help you get up and down the mountain in record time !  

Starting with the proven fast and durable Exalt frame and fork set, this SL version uses some very light yet everyday durable components to provide you with a bike that is world-class fast going up, and coming down !  

This lightly used demo bike looks new - as it has been reconditioned to look and ride like a new bike !  New seat post, saddle, bar etc.  mean though it is used, you would be hard pressed to tell it's not !    

You start out with the exceptional Exalt frame, featuring top carbon and constructed with a tube to tube style for light weight, and top performance !  The aero bladed forks have a full 1.5 " lower for instant steering response, and the internal cabling is fully guided, so you don't have any noise or rattles from cables or housing inside the frame.  The frame also comes with Sampson's SAS vibration control which makes your new Exalt smooth and quiet.  

While the Exalt is world-class weight and speed, the bike was developed as an everyday rider.  Forget about fiddly stuff, squeaking bbs, etc.  The Exalt has alloy drop-outs, a replaceable alloy derailleur hanger,, a standard 68 English threaded bb, and alloy races in the head tube !  Sure, it adds grams back in, but the trade-off for a rider who doesn't have a team car and mechanic is HUGE!   

More speed is yours with the use of the  top race grade Sampson components , starting with the SL cranks!  These carbon cranks feature a full carbon layup over an aluminum skeleton, for high strength, perfect alignment, and very light weight!  The integral titanium bb shaft is also light, and it spins on its own high speed bearings ( and is also Shimano bb compatible) .  The machined 50/34 rings are pinned and ramped, and with the great shifting of the Ultegra front derailleur, your front shifting is fast and dependable.  The 11 speed Ultegra shifters and rear derailleur also provide almost instant shifts.  

With the SL version you have a set of the Stratics 35 bars with the integral 35 stem, for a bar helps you generate more power for sprints and climbs, yet is very light.  The 35's have a shallow drop so you are able to spin away miles in comfort too!  

Another special touch on this bike are the Stratics SL brakes!  The SL's are more than just a cool red color. They start with cold-forged aluminum arms for high strength, and then spend a bunch of time on the CNC machine where the cutters take away any extra material.   The arms are then polished, and given a red anno finish for a great looking accent  Those pad holders?  They don't just look like carbon, they are molded carbon!     The dual -pivot SL's deliver great feel and modulation at exotic-part level weights, but maintain all the ease-of use features you want to have for ease of use and dependability!   

In a world of marginal gains, this SL  is having a machete to whack off weight, but the special part is zero sacrifice in power or performance !  

The Vuelta Corsa Light wheels are right at home for training or racing.  While they are little known, these wheels have some awesome bearings, bladed spokes, and light weight too !  We have used the Vuleta wheels on the SL along with the Zipp 202s as an everyday wheel set, and have consistently been impressed with their overall speed and handling, and the Michelin Pro 4s are top grade performance tires that deliver a supple ride!    

If you are looking for world-class performance, but without with world-class upkeep and hassles of most bikes in this class, you will love this Exalt!