Diablo S Ultg 11-SAVE !

s ult 11
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The Diablo S is one very hot ride!  Bicycling magazine stated that the Diablo is simply "the best bike you have never heard of !" 

No fooling.  They were wowed by the combination of power and smoothness the Diablo S provides.   If you want a bike that combines power and smoothness, the S is outstanding. Fast, smooth and quiet, if you can only buy one bike, this is the one you want!  

The Diablo S has a number of features that make it a great performance bike:

  • Big down tube and bb yoke for support when you need to wind it up or hit the top of the mountain first

  • Carbon lug on the seat juncton adds stiffness, lowers weight versus monocoque styles

  • Comes standard with the top performing Diablo S fork for excellent ride and control with low weight

  • New 2015 Ultegra 11 speed for race grade precision, options for crank length, cassettes now up to 32 teeth  for easy climbing.

  • Comes standard with the new Mavic Ksyrium wheels, but you have many options

  • The new Stratics 35 bar and stem are also standard , with the suuper smooth Fat Wrap bar tape

  • The top frame and great parts mean your Ultegra equipped Diablo S is about 15-16  pounds all-in, including pedals, cages


While there are quite a few bikes that offer heaps of power, it was the combination of power and smoothness that amazed the test editors-and others !    Thanks to the Sampson Attenuation System, or SAS, the Diablo S simply rides smoother and quieter than other bikes!  This is an important factor for about every rider, as smoother and quieter means you are able to maintian more energy at the end for the fiinal sprint, or simply going out on the town that night

In addition to all the great performance advantages,  the Diablo S also lets you pick your color!  A one -color paint is included, and a 2-color option such as the orange/white bike shown is just $250 additional.  Flames, Polka -Dots, these are a little more, but certainly easy to provide.  We fully build and adjust your bike, and ship it to you in 2 boxes, so it is easy to re-assemble and we can also do a big mummy wrap on the bike to make sure it comes to you in perfect condition. 

The S frame is avaialble in effective sizes from 48 to 61 cm.    Getting a great bike is easy- just give us a call or click the contact button !  We do the hard stuff, and make getting a world-class, custom wonder bike fun!