While Sampson is a small manufacturer of bicycle equipment, our leading designs and developments are frequently noted by the cycling press, as well as Sampson bike riders.   While the cycling magazines delve into all the details of performance,  our riders will simply say they "love their bike".   Because we understand every rider wants to have a great ride experience,  our efforts are geared to producing a better bike!  This is why we only do individual builds, and let you choose the components YOU like best !

Sampson wanted smoother riding bikes, and started doing R and D to obtain this in 1997.  We introduced  the first bikes with our Sampson Attenuation System around 2000.  Our SAS has undergone considerable refinements over the years, and this system produces some of the smoothest, quietest bikes on the planet!    It is why Bicycling called our Diablo S/SL the " best bike you never heard of"!  Bicycling also noted the carbon-like feel of our Express bike with SAS.  The Express is made of oversized aluminum tubes, so clearly SAS is doing it's job! 

Innovation is more than a buzz-word here, we are constantly providing you with the latest in materials and technology.  Our new Exat is a great example.  The Exalt features a new construction process called Tube to Tube, which has until the past year or so only been featured by some small custom builders.  While still expensive, our new Exalt decked out with a world-class race package is a huge leap forward in value for this level of construction and material quality.