Sampson is a small manufacturer of bicycle equipment, but our leading designs and developments are typically way off the front when it comes to innovation.  Our start in the cycling industry led to Sampson producing a full menu of leading edge components, winning literally hundreds of events, including World Championships, Olympic medals, and National Championships in the USA, Canada and the EU.   It was only a matter of time before we turned to making some of the more technically advanced, best performing frames on the market. 

Our frame building know how starting out was marginal, but thanks to some good luck, we were able to apprentice with the legendary race group in Nottingham, England, who were some of the most knowledgeable frame builders in the world.  Far from being passive bystanders, we took an active role in developing our own products in titanium and steel.  Sampson pioneered the custom build platforms in 1998, so riders obtained custom fitting and builds with the wheels and components and sizing to fit them to a T.  Today you can get a bike built  like this from Trek and others, but only in the last few years- and only on their super-premium models.   

Along the way, Sampson developed bikes with Scandium, magnesium alloys, and finally, carbon.  We were late to the carbon party, as the early carbon bikes were oftentimes ill-mannered in power and handling, and prone to failures.  In our quest for making things better, we developed SAS,  which is still in use today.   SAS is highly effective at making your Sampson bike notably smoother and quieter- which helps you ride faster for longer! 

 It did not take long though and our carbon bikes were simply what riders demanded, and Sampson has produced a long-list of top performing carbon bikes, leading up to today's Diablo, Kalispell and Exalt models.  All made one at a time, to your measurements, with the components you love to ride !