Fat Wrap Super 8 RED

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Fat Wrap Super 8 red is like having a fiesta on your handlebars!  

The Super 8 pattern has a lot going on visually, but it is still the same great Fat Wrap as always.  Starting with a red base, 7 more colors are added in a random confetti fashion for a fun, fast look that blends with a lot of bike designs.  If you bike base color is red, white, black, blue or yellow, the Super 8 Red will probably look great.

Super 8 has all the same great shock-absorbing material as standard Fat Wrap, and gets the same tapered edges, and non-adheasive backing so it is easy to put on your bars, and espcially great for carbon bars, as it doesn't leave that gooey mess!

Fat Wrap Super 8 comes with brake strips, finishing tape and 2 convex logo end caps.