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One of the great features of the System One kit is that you can pre-fill these bags.....

And have them ready to exchange in feed zones for events like the Leadville 100,  any number of gravel events, or in your special needs bags in long-distance triathlons.   Simply Klick and Go !    Plus, you get to access their contents from in front of you, not trying to reach into a back pocket.  If you are trying to coast down a trail and grab a gel, and still steer, you recognize the benefit immediately of being able to reach in front versus behind you.  

This System 1 bag is made with Lycra fabric sides, with an internal elastic band to keep items like gels standing up in perfect order from your event planning.  On non-race days, the Lycra sided  bags are great for keeping everyday items from bouncing around,  such as keys, cameras,  or corn nuts!   The bags feature a big red  tab to make getting to the contents easy, and it closes up with a Velcro strip on top.   A reflective 3-M piping also adds visibility in low-light situations.

Any top endurance athlete will tell you that you that food and hydration is just as important to success as basic training miles!  Why risk the dreaded bonk when the System 1 bags put whatever you want at your fingertips!