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Sampson's System 1 is the next best thing to getting a sandwich hand-up from the team car! 

From Ironman to your favorite century or tour to the grueling Leadville MTB, the  System 1 set lets you set your PR by making sure you keep up your energy levels up, and your food is always available at your fingertips for  whenever you literally get a second to grab something !  

For non-racers,  System One gives you easy access to your camera, money or personal items on your next tour or daily commute   Keys, camera, money, tube/ co2, etc. is instantly available.  If you decide to run into 7-11 or Starbucks, no need to leave your personal items on the bike-just Klick and Go !   They release and re-attach in a second. 

The System 1 set includes a composite locking bracket that replaces a 5 mm spacer  on any 1and 1/8th fork steerer, and 2 specially designed bags that have a special tab that locks onto the bracket.  We  call this feature Klick and Go,  as the bags will lock in place ( Klick) or release in about 2 seconds!    

For endurance events, such as IM distance triathlons, nutrition is essential.   System 1 brings you a host of advantages versus the top tube style "bento box" or shoving stuff into your back jersey pocket:

  • System 1 lets you stack your gels / food in the order you want to take them and keeps them visibile while riding
  • You can access the bags from the aero position, so you don't have to sit-up to remove something that is under your chest- simply pull the red tab the bag opens, and seals up securely.  
  • The System 1 is almost invisible to the wind.  Just as putting your bottle inbetween your arms is faster, System 1 tucks in between the riders arms, saving even more time
  • At most IM events you can have a special needs bag on the course.  You can prepare a set of additional pockets, and swap them out in seconds.  A little menu planning for the start of the bike, and then for the second part of the bike should give you a rolling buffet- and a huge advantage  With events like Leadville, you can instantly exchange empty System 1 bags for pre-filled ones. 
  • System one doesn't interfere with bikes that route all the cables into the top of the top tubes
  • Works great for MTB events such as Leadville 100 where getting something out of your back pockets is easy in theory, really hard in practice. 

Your System 1 set contains a composite fork mount,  (fits standard 1 1/8th inch fork steerers)  one mesh sided Klick and Go bag, and one Lycra sided Klick and Go bag.  Add extra bag  in either mesh or Lycra  to your set, and fuel-up before your next event!