At 73 g a set, the Samspon ti skewers are light......

But they are a pleasure to use everyday.  We have a 6/4 axle, just like most of the low-weight products from from Zipp or others.   The Sampon Ti skweres have two major departures from the majority of our competition.   First, our lever is a little larger than just about all the light-weight skewers,  and it features a nice ball-shpae on the end that makes it really hand friendly.  Sure, a little stalk of carbon or alloy will let you have functionality, but you don't get encouraged to really close the lever down fully if it is jabbing your palm!   Ditto the adjusting nut on the opposing side, a little larger for more contact on the drop outs than others that are trying to cut every gram.  However, the other big difference you will probably notice is the Sampson skewer uses some very aggressive teeth on the contact points.  These serrations help to keep your wheel secure in the frame.  The Samspon skewers rate very well on the $/gram saved scale versus a typical standard steel skewer set.    Fits all standard road bike wheels with 100/130 spacing. 


Helpful Tip:  when closing any quick release, a good rule of tumb is that if it did not leave a big impression on your hand, it is not tight enough!

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