Sampson E-Z Grip cages (pair)

EZ cage
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The new E-Z cage helps guide your bottles back in, which helps in competition....

and makes life a little easier all the time!   The Sampson E-Z cage is made from a fiber enhanced composite that delivers low weight, high strength, and great gripping power !   

Sampson's  E-Z cage is made with a unique pincer type design that grips your bottle firmly, so it is great for gravel, mtb, or for those of you who simply hate to see a bottle bounce out of the your bike ! 

The tops of the E-Z cage are set at an angle, so you don't need the bottle perfectly aligned to get it back in.   It also gives the cage a larger opening,  which is great when you are in the heat of competition or getting jostled around on a bumpy descent, just get a edge of the bottle in and push it down!  

The E-Z cage will also let you pull the bottle out on an angle too, which helps when you have only seconds to grab a drink! 

Weight is about 45 g, and the cage fits all standard bike bottle mounts.   Choose from either  black or red color.