All the features that made Fat Wrap famous, with a little extra.   That "extra" is thousands of little pieces of cork to give your bars added grip and texture!  We have them on sale now, 3 sets for only $30, and fast shipping is included. so it comes out to well under $10 /set for some of the best bar tape in the world! 

Put a couple of sets in reserve, use as gifts, or if you are like some,  you will need to order 2 so you get 6 sets for all your bikes!   

The cork style gives you all the advantages of original our  Fat Wrap:  A special closed-cell material that has excellent cushioning to absorb vibrations.  All Fat Wrap is cut into long strips, and then put  though a special machine that  tapers the edges for a seamless feel on the bars.   Fat Wrap cork comes highly recommended for all carbon bars as it doesn't have adhesive backing.  This means you won't damage your bars when it is time to take it off, but Fat Wrap is pretty darn tough.  It  is going to be a while before it is time for a new set.  

One package of Fat Wrap Cork contains brake strips, finishing tape, and covex logo end caps to give your bike a full pro look. 

Fat Wrap 3 for $30 sale .  Don't miss this one!   

Shipping is included ---  Fast shipping with  Priority Mail to all 50 states. 







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