CUSHY.  TOUGH, GREAT FEEL ON THE BARS,   IN SHORT,  AWESOME  !  THAT'S WHAT MAKES FAT WRAP THE BEST !   10 pack savings for all your bikes, or team !

Fat Wrap is the original!  Tough as nails, with highly tapered edges that deliver a seamless feel on the bars!    Fat Wrap brings you that just right blend of taking the edge off road vibrations, without taking away road feel.  Easy to wrap,  each package comes with brake strips, tape and logo end caps.  Thanks to  it's non-adhesive back, Fat Wrap is especially awesome for carbon bars, as it doesn't require any solvents or scraping to remove like most other tapes, which can damage carbon bars.

This selection is for a 10 pack, for 10 bikes, which is great for clubs, teams or getting your fleet ready to go!   

Don't miss this great value, order a 10 pack today and save! Ships UPS , $14.   

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