Event Gear bottle cage

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Event Gear made some great looking, great functioning cages .

Light, great looking and almost unbreakable.   They fit on most bikes easily, as the front of the mounting bracket is designed to let the clamp go behind the back of the cage without having to use shims or washers.  

The new Event Gear cages feature an open pincer type  design that lets you get the bottles in and out quickly.  We make these with a fiber-reinforced nylon blend, to give the cages a firm hold on the bottles, while still being easy to use on the bike. 

Select from a number of colors and patterns.  The faux carbon looks great with about any bike, and is hard to tell from real carbon at 3 feet !    Or maybe you prefer one  of the cool pastel prints for a tropical feel,  bright yellow or classic solid black! 

Included with your cages are 2  chrome plated  standard mounting bolts.   Dress up your bike and enjoy the easy in/ out with this new style of cage.