Aero Bar Bottle SET

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Pretty much everyone agrees that it is faster to put your water bottle between your arms!  This new set up shaves time on the course, and also in getting everthing in one easy set! 

The new TT package includes 3 items- a rigid mounting bracket with heavy duty zip-ties,  our E-Z Grip cage, and a new Event Gear thermal water bottle.  All you need to do is set it up and watch your bike times improve! 

Our new TT bottle mount features a rigid aluminum plate that mounts with 4 beefy zip-ties to almost any tri-bar set up.  Next, screw on the new E-Z Grip cage, fill up the bottle, and off you go!  When you carry your water bottle between your arms, you can end up with a time savings that can be minutes on an IM distance.  With this package so easy to set up and so affordably priceed, this is a time savings everyone should be taking! 

The rigid alloy plate adds alot of stiffness and support,  so it is very easy to get your bottle in/out.   The firm grip of our new E-Z Grip cage that is inlcuded gives you confidence on rough roads, and their special angled entry tabs make it easy to shove the bottle in when you are pushing the big gear. 

Another advantage of this platform is when you grab a bottle from the feed zone, it is going to go right in- no trying to hold 20 mph and pour one bottle into another !   The package price includes  the alloy mount, 4 beefy zip-ties and E-Z Grip cage with two bottle boss bolts.   A must have item and a great gift for any triathlete as one size fits about all!